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The Southern California Camping Club is an informal gathering of people interested in camping, hiking and other outdoor recreation. Tired of camping with strangers? Meet some new friends to camp with!

We are a family oriented group and therefore ask that you keep all pictures, posts and comments suitable for viewing by children.

We usually host one camping trip each month, and an occasional daytrip. In addition, we have a monthly membership meeting at El Dorado Park in Long Beach where we plan our future activities. Joining us is free; we charge no membership dues. The Meetings are usually held on the second Saturday of each month and the camping trip is usually on the third Saturday of each month. These may vary depending upon various holidays. Please check our �Events� page for upcoming trips and meetings.

Most camping trips are within 2-4 hours of the LA basin; from San Diego in the south to Death Valley in the north, and east to the Colorado River. As a general rule, we tend to go to mountains in the summer and deserts in the winter. Our daytrips are closer, cruising the backroads and visiting nearby picnic sites and nature centers. A few of our trips require 4-wheel drive, but the majority of our campouts are open to anyone with a car, stock truck or SUV. Some trips are free, and others may require additional parking or campground fees.

Regardless of where we go, we always pick a spot where there is something cool to see or do. We're an active group, some members enjoy hiking, off roading, exploring, fishing, or geocaching. Others enjoy just relaxing in the campground. If these are the kind of trips you enjoy, please join us!

To remain a member and to keep our membership numbers realistic you must, at least, log on to the website within 90 days of joining or you will be automatically removed.